Michael Ford

Michael Ford, forfatter
Michael Ford is an author who has written fiction and drama for more than 40 years in Danish, Swedish and English.

With a degree in English literature from the Universities of Copenhagen and Lund he has been a teacher and a theatre manager in Sweden and a teacher and a school principal in Denmark.

The son of a British RAF pilot (Tony Ford, DFC) and a Swedish actress (Elsie Albiin) he has lived in Australia, Lebanon and Sweden, but he was raised and educated primarily in Denmark where he now lives a stone's throw away from Hamlet's castle in Elsinore.
His books are written and published in Danish and English.

KOMA's levende billeder

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The COMA Trilogy

Cedertræ i mellemøstenThe flow of Muslim refugees to Europe is probably one of the most immediate concerns for us in the old world.
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