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COMA - The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker
The Peacemaker  published by publishinghouse EgoLibris.
The Peacemaker
2nd Volume of The Coma Trilogy

In The Peacemaker we accompany John Doe on an exciting journey towards securing a peace settlement in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine. Three years have gone by since John Doe awoke from his coma in The 13th Warrior. We are privy to a riveting flashback of events including interaction with refugees, terrorists and leaders from a troubled region and around the world.

It is summer in Denmark. We are present at Fredensborg Royal Castle on that sunny day when the first part of the peace treaty is to be signed. The central plot of the novel takes place in a Bedouin tent on the maroon sands of the Middle East, where in the Bekaa Valley an attempt is made to create a new and revolutionary refugee camp in the face of an exploding surge of people fleeing the civil war in Syria.

John Doe has been appointed Papal Mediator by the new South American Pope. He is now the Peacemaker; but securing peace is a laborious process. Will he succeed?

The political mediation techniques, the hierarchical order as well as the Middle Eastern mentality are described with respect, empathy as well as with a dash of satire. We follow the unfolding story to secret cellars below the Vatican, to sails across the Mediterranean in luxury ships disguised as rust buckets, to a Bedouin tent offering a magical atmosphere – and the culinary delights of the famed Lebanese kitchen; we delve into hidden underground bunkers from WW II, while traveling in state of the art helicopters and in armoured vehicles.

We witness a dramatic hostage taking, confront Islamic State and experience what it is like to be caught inside a death chamber. The cast of characters has been expanded, but we also encounter well-known characters undergoing development, while the parallel love story binds the plot together.

The Peacemaker is a novel for those who ardently wish for peace in The Middle East, but just can not see it happen. The Peacemaker makes you reflect and provides you with insight, hope and excitement from beginning to end.
The Peacemaker by Michael Ford
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